so i have lived in my house for 9 years now and we have been slowly fixing it up etc. and today i went to the library to look at some decorating books and sat down and started to read anyways this woman came by and was reading a decorating book and we started chatting and sharing ideas about our houses and she said to me how long have you lived around here? and i said about 9 years in a place right down the street, then said oh what number?, because i use to live down the street. anyways it turns out that she grew up in my house! and she was telling me so many stories and i gave her my phone number and invited her family over for dinner and she said she would bring all of here photo albums. i almost fell out of my chair i was so happy! (i never met the previous owners or have seen a single photo of my house before) so i will have to get my scanner working and keep everyone updated :)!

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OMgosh you are so fortunate, I wish this wouuld happen to me, please keep us posted!!!!!

I had lived in my house 10 years without ever seeing a picture.  Then one day a lady came to the door with a 150 year old photo album of my house.  She was the Great,great,great granddaughter of a lady that was reported to have died at age 12.  Turns out she didn't die she just moved to California because of TB in 1902.  Yes, get your scanner ready and copy every picture weather you know what it is or not.  Have a great time.  Lair

I hope you bought a lottery ticket on your way home!! I've contacted everyone I can find who would have had any reason to have any information about my house. Barely a drop so what I did get was even more valualble. I am so happy for you.

Congrats!  You will be amazed what you learn.

We have run into this as well. Not so much the owners, but folks who rented 20 years ago, or old folks now, who remember coming into the house as children and doing chores for the owners. We now have learned that a somewhat well known person/artist did a painting of our house. We are now on that trail to see if we can get in contact with him and see if he still has it.


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