We bought carpet for 2 rooms of our 1895 Queen Ann. We've refinished all of the floors, but would like to carpet the music room and foyer and 2 or 3 bedrooms and the back staircase and upstairs hallway. The carpet is manufactured by Millikin. It is beautiful and looks Victorian, but it is pricey. Does anyone have experience with actually going to the Dalton, Georgia factories to buy and transport the carpet for yourself? Quite a number of years ago, I heard that one could save a lot of money by skipping the carpet store route. We would have to drive a full day and shop the next. I'm also looking for inexpensive, but good quality draperies and wallpaper. Thanks for any insight or other sources.

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Family Heirloom Weavers of Red Lion, Pa., makes mid-19th-century-style carpet in the old way on the old jacquard looms. You can see examples here: http://www.familyheirloomweavers.com/floor_top.html and on two blog posts at  http://gavinmaloney.com They will send you yarn samples in the mail so you can check colors. I priced it once and can't remember the exact price, but it seemed like a large, room-size carpet would be about $1,200, which is an extremely good price for a custom wool carpet (you can have one custom made or buy stock). The later Victorians were very fond of scattering around Persian rugs on hardwood floors. Sometimes you can find a good deal on an antique 19th-century rugs at antique fairs or antique store, though often they are very expensive. Jayson Home has a selection of vintage oriental and Turkish carpets, not necessarily 19th century: http://www.jaysonhome.com/rugs/vintage-rugs-1.html For modern, casual rugs, I really like the striped cotton rugs at Dash & Albert, and they are super affordable. 

Thank you! I'm looking forward to checking out these products. I also just bought some beautiful reproduction Victorian furniture on Craig's list for an unbelievably low price - the kind I've wanted for 28 years!

Forgot to add, J.R. Burrows also makes reproduction Victorian carpets. No idea of the price. http://www.burrows.com As for Victorian wallpaper, my favorite source is Carter & Company, which is hand screen printed and fairly reasonable (about $80 for a roll), but almost all the wallpaper companies make traditional designs. There are a ton out there you can find online.

Cool links Cate! And I never even thought about carpet!  



If you're interested in oriental carpets, also check local auction houses.  There's one in Cleveland ( http://www.graysauctioneers.com/) which does estate sales on a regular basis, and I've scored more than a few carpets there for low sums.  If' you're willing to take beat-up carpets, even better, since collectors usually aren't interested in them.  I recently was able to buy an 11' x 3 ' runner for $80 (that's eighty not eight hundred), because it had a few moth holes in it.  Still looks good, and fits in well with the old house atmosphere.  Don't know where you are, but Gray's has an auction this week (now that I look it up, in fact, tomorrow) and they've a few carpets listed.

Thanks for the information. We are about a 3 hour drive away and won't be able to come tomorrow, but we will look at the website for a possible future trip. We are definitely living in the house, not looking for expensive collections. We strive to make it look authentic to the period by using all antique furniture and accessories with just a very few reproductions. We are having wallpaper hung in the parlor on Thur. We need to take new pictures of the interior as a lot has changed over the years of restoration. Thanks again!

Hi Diane and Carl -

We are restoring an 1880 Victorian and happen to be interior decorators with access to all of the trade only showrooms. We offer huge discounts on period appropriate wallpapers, fabrics and trims plus we offer fellow old house nuts huge discounts on custom orders for items they would otherwise either not have access to or would be prohibitively expensive. You can read about us here:

and view some of our items on that site and in our ebay stores
We have a warehouse full of items not listed on our website or on ebay so if you are looking for something particular, ask and we'll check for you.
We also offer discounts to members of this forum if you contact us prior to purchase so we can arrange that.

Please let me know if we can be of help.

Best of luck.

Wow! Love the fabrics, and the picture of your house! We just had the Parlor wallpapered this week and now need to look through your fabrics for draperies. Thank you for sharing your websites. 

Thank you for your kind comments. We have a warehouse full of fabrics, so if you don't see something that works for you or have another color in mind, contact me. I'd be happy to send you photos if we have something in stock more to your liking.

Wow those fabrics are really elegant! Good links so far!

Thank you. Glad you liked them.


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