Hello, This is my 1924 country home.  I am in the process of restoring it but am having trouble finding similar style homes from the 1920s.  Can someone please help me to identify the style of the house.

-Thanks :)

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The double bay windows are not typical, but otherwise this is a pretty straightforward colonial revival. The side room was not original to it.  That was likely a porch converted to a room after the fact or it was an addition.

Hey Phil.... Thanks for the help. Upon further research I agree that the house does show characteristics of the colonial revival style. Believe it or not the side room is original and shares the same characteristics from foundation to woodwork as the rest of the house. This house was built by one of the rich relatives of the Hershey Pennsylvania family as a country home and they even had a cottage on the land on the creek near by to do some bootlegging in the twenties. I'm doing the best I can with this house but several owners later and 7 coats of paint over fantastic woodwork has been a chore. I also lost all of the hardwood floors due to one previous owner putting pink tile on top of them...yuck!!!

Interesting--so the basement extends fully below that room?

It's a 3/4ft crawl space underneath the side room but all other characteristics of foundation are the same and the same hardwoods from the rest of the house.  At some point, someone poured in a concrete floor in the basement but  the foundation is old cinder block.  They have an uneven/wavey look to them.    


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