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Cleaning a Vintage House - 5 Considerations

As simple as it may sound, cleaning a house is never an easy task to undertake, but when we’re talking about a real vintage house full of antique furniture, the task only seems to be even more complicated than you anticipated. You might be afraid that you could damage something and reduce the value of your home, or you simply might not be familiar with a particular way to clean an old residence. No matter what the reason may be, we have a list of useful tips…


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Old House Plumbing: Catastrophes and How to Avoid Them

Being a renaissance man, a jack of all trades is a notion that is indeed hard to top. Just the idea of being able to do everything on your own is not only money saving, but also quite satisfactory. Speaking of this, taking care of your pipes and plumbing in general is one of the most obvious topics there are. Still, here things are not as simple as they may seem. There are many catastrophes in making that are just patiently waiting to be unleashed. In order to…


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Little treasure in your interior with metal tiles

These are copper and brass wall backsplashes to add this unique crafted product  into your kitchen.

copper kitchen wall…


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New - Single Pane Window Units?

I am looking for a manufacturer of new, wood, single pane window units (that can be paired with a proper storm window) to be used in new construction.  Does such a unicorn exist?? 

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Victorian Green Roller Shades?

Does anyone know of a supplier where one can buy green roller shades ("Victorian green") that were so common in many homes a century ago? I can find "hunter green" roller shades, but they are white on the street side; I want the shades to be green on both sides.

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Plumbing Issues Old Australian Houses Are Likely to Have

For many homebuyers, there’s a special appeal in buying an older home. These homes are full of character and charm of the old times that modern designs can’t offer. They often boast of features like solid plaster walls and crown mouldings, old architectural windows and arches, beautiful staircases and high ceilings. On the other hand, they also require substantial renovations and remodelling that is challenging and time-consuming, as well as…


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Old New York Cottage Gets an Arts & Crafts Interior

By Mary Ellen Polson

Photographs by: Steve Gross & Susan Daley 

More than a century ago, this artist’s family from New York began summering in a town later famous for a concert (which actually took place 90 miles away). Even…


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A Classical Lakeside Home


Photographs by Eric Piasecki

To gain that same appreciation, Schafer began by driving (and boating) around the region,…


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5 Characteristics of a Perfect Bedroom

Sleep is not a luxury but a necessity. It keeps you mentally and physically fresh which is the bedroom deserves extra attention when it comes to its decoration. The appearance and feel of the room plays an important role in the quality of sleep.

Decorating the perfect…


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Top Tips For Choosing The Right Size Wall Art For Your Space

Whether you are looking for a unique piece of wall decor like what you will find on Wulffwinding, a canvas print, a framed print or even a sculpture, adding wall décor to your home can enhance your interior design with style and color. Determining the proper size of art you should get for your room can prove to be a daunting task though. In this article, you will get to learn how to get the right size wall art décor for any room in your home. The whole…


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Decorate your ceiling

The ceiling of the house is a piece that no one ever thinks to decorate. It usually has a soft color in order to match with the rest of the room or it can also have a rosette that can be used for hanginga lamp. This, of course, can be found in mid century modern design style homes. But why should we let it go? You have the ability to change the color of your ceiling in order to give yourself a totally different appearance of the…


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The most common lighting mistakes

When talking about lighting, we do not mean the central light that each room has, but we are talking about the other light sources that each house has to have. Many are the mistakes we make not knowing the proper way of lighting our house and by extension the rooms, but many decorative objects can be "lost" if there is no proper lighting to highlight them.

Main lighting. One of the most common mistakes in lighting is the one and only lighting source in the room. If…


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The Art of Turning your Backyard into an Outdoor Living Space

Everyone is keen to turn their house into a home. After all, how many people simply move into a house or apartment and do… nothing?

No one does that! If you went to visit a friend and, a year after moving in, they were still living out of boxes in rooms with no paint or pictures on the walls and no furniture to sit on, you’d be pretty worried about them, right?

You would encourage them to spend a little effort turning their space into an area they can live in and that they can…


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5 Common Electrical Issues Found in Older Homes

You love living in your old house, but sometimes it can be challenging, right? Older homes can have plenty of character and a particular charm, but they carry with them a range of problems when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Electrical installations can be particularly problematic, complicating your life at inopportune moments. In fact, old electrical installations can cause malfunctions which can sometimes be downright dangerous. So, what are the most…


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Give Your Old Bathroom a Makeover – 4 Features to Try

Washrooms are a standout amongst the most utilitarian and utilized rooms in a home. Specialists say individuals visit the restroom 4-7 times each day, by and large. Obviously, washrooms are a place that can get filthy rapidly and can leave waiting smells. This can be a gigantic issue for property holders and can make an offensive impact…


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Important Tips to Select a Glass Company in South Africa.

If you need to replace your window glass due to some ineluctable circumstances, you would require professional assistance from a glass or window replacement service provider. Glass, being an extremely fragile material, needs to be handled with utmost care to avoid any sort of accident. That’s why choosing the right glass company is extremely important. The main problem with an inept window replacement service is that, vital issues like safety, drafts, leaks, and other security concerns are…


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Don’t Be Shocked: Check Your Home's Electricity

As a homeowner, you always have plenty to do.  Whether you’re pulling weeds out in the yard, touching-up paint in the laundry room, or cleaning out the garage… well, there’s always something else on your list to get to "one of these days."

Every homeowner prioritizes her to-dos differently.  Maybe top-of-the-list is whatever’s bugging you the most.  Maybe it’s whatever your partner’s complaining about the most.  Or maybe it’s whatever Mom and Dad will notice first when they come out…


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Vintage House Renovation Essentials

People often ask if there is a difference between restoring a modern house and a period house. The answer is both yes and no. If you are doing it room by room, then the procedure is pretty much the same, while if you are renovating the whole place at once, the order in which you do it might be different. This is one way to do it.…


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Restoring an Old House in 6 Simple Steps

Restoring an old house is by no means an easy task. You have to consider the design, assess the situation, decide on the suitable construction method and find period-specific materials, all without burning a hole in your pocket. Fortunately, there’s a specific order in which things need to be accomplished and unless you want to become just another restoration horror story, make sure to go over the following six steps.…


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Amerimax Windows for Colorado

Given the rising costs of energy, many homeowners in Colorado are looking to cut their heating and cooling costs. While many people install additional insulation and energy efficient heating and cooling systems to help bring their energy costs down, by far the most effective way to reduce these costs is to replace your home’s windows with energy efficient windows.


The average home loses as much as 30% of its heating and cooling through windows. Even homes with windows that…


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