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A Preserved 1883 Brownstone

Across the river from Manhattan, a mansard-roofed townhouse built in 1883 gets the superlative treatment, guided by a preservation-minded designer.

By Regina Cole

"This a monumental undertaking, restoration with a capital R,” says…


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Denver furniture: Old is the new New

Furniture is a fluid and ever-changing art form. It defies time, it inspires change, and it turns drab surroundings into eclectic atmospheres in no time at all.

What’s more, it’s diverse: One can explore the circus inspired collections of…


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Front Porch Stairs Were Rotten

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1950s Kitchen

The real-estate agent apologized for the old kitchen, but the new owners totally got it.

By Patricia Poore

“The kitchen is a Fifties nightmare, a horror show,” whispered the broker: It still had its turquoise cabinets,…


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What to Look for in a Kitchen Showroom

Are you on the way of planning the outlook of your kitchen? Or, are you considering to refurbish your kitchen? Either way, if you are living in Houston, then you can visit one of the several kitchen showrooms that will provide everything you will possibly need. But, many kitchen items may be just an expenditure for you. Therefore, it is important first to map out…


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Choosing An Interior Designer To Fit Your Life(style)

It’s true: few things in your life are more important than the space in which you live it.

Whether it’s the inspiration to create... the motivation to achieve… or just the practical convenience to get through a hectic day… your living space needs to provide you with the ability to live your life your way.

Maybe your space is dated, and needs a makeover to bring you more enjoyment.

Or maybe your space just doesn’t “work” (which makes it hard for you to…


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The House That Passion Build

Forty years ago, collectors of early Americana set about creating a house worthy of the furnishings.

By Tim Tanner

Both Rich and Jean grew up not far from here, and met in high school. Jean had been a fortunate witness to…


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Kitchen Remodelling – Are you doing it properly?

If you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen then you should consider a few factors like adding some extra space, improving the kitchen style and refining the kitchen functionality. It is true that kitchen remodelling is not an easy task but there are many reputed kitchen renovation companies in Cape Town, who offer…


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Magic Formula for Yard Redesign

If you’re one of those people who look forward to redesigning their backyard and making it more eco-friendly – welcome to the club! We completely understand your passions, which is why we have the magic formula for yard redesign just for you. Here are five amazing tips on how to get it done like a true pro, so check them out and give your yard a complete makeover this year!…


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Quiet Upgrades a Modern Bungalow Make

Tweaked to align with the new owners’ preferences, a builder’s house gets an Arts & Crafts makeover with oak woodwork, stained glass, mosaic tile, and soothing colors and…

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How To Fix A Dishwasher That Is Not Heating Or Drying Properly?

Dishwashing is one of the most difficult jobs and most people hate doing it. Thankfully, we have a home appliance that can help us take care of this problem. The dishwasher is an important household appliance that we can rely on for our dishwashing needs. However, we must learn to maintain it on a regular basis to keep them in excellent working condition.

Картинки по запроÑу

No heat dishwasher

It can be frustrating to have a dishwasher that does not work…


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How to Repair a Gas Range or an Electric Range. Part 1

You probably have a hammer, but that's just a start. These 20 tools and devices are superstars for household projects and repairs. If you love tools or just need to stock a basic toolbox, here are the top 20 necessary items to get your small project done. How many do you have?

Philips screwdriver. A Philips or X-shape screwdriver is probably one of the most common tools in any toolbox. If you have a handle that accepts interchangeable tips, you can cover a wide range of…


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Repurposed Floor Tiles

An old floor of earthy geometric tiles rescued from a razed church adds soul to a period-look row-house kitchen.
By Brian D. Coleman…

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Where to strart house remodeling from

Planning a renovation of small bathroom

A renovation of small bathroom is a good place to start when you are reconstructing your house. You don`t need to spend a lot of time for creating design ideas.

Why you should start with the idea of a bathroom design?

The reasons to start renovating the house with a small bathroom…


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Reduce Your Energy Bills - 4 Creative Ways to Save Energy

The energy bills are rising and if you want to keep them affordable then you need to come up with solutions that allow you to lower the energy bills. There are a lot of green power gadgets available in the markets that are designed to lower the energy cost. The green power…


Added by Emma Miah on April 3, 2018 at 3:03am — 1 Comment

Georgian and Federal Color

Ca. 1770 - 1830, colors were brilliant, the patterns eye-popping.…

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Protect your money with Conveyancing Lawyers

Conveyancing lawyers are in great requirement these days due…


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New adventure in Roundup, Mt is well underway.

We have accomplished removing all the nasty stuff inside (and it was nasty), we have a new membrane roof, new gutter and drainage system, new windows being installed, new sub flooring, new electrical panel and beautiful new outside doors.  Feeling a bit like a duck out of water when it came to designing the layout of the kitchen so I have sought out the help of Barb Dalton, designer.  The two Vaults will be a focal point in the family room.  Things are getting exciting as we fix the walls…


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Hudson Valley Dutch Dwelling Relocated and Restored

Boarded up and forlorn, the colonial house was adopted, then dismantled and moved to the Hudson Valley by a couple of dedicated preservationists.

By Patricia Poore

Surviving since colonial days, the …


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A Fix for Foul-smelling Paint

The case of the foul-smelling can of paint, and a fix.

It was over a year ago that we bought latex paint for the dining room in our 1915 Foursquare, but put off the project. When we opened the cans, the paint smelled like sour…


Added by Emily O'Brien on March 12, 2018 at 7:00pm — No Comments

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