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5 Most Common Electrical issues with Old Houses

People who love the sight of a beautiful old house and who decide to own one should know that old houses, apart from all their charms, can have some downright worrisome problems. Many of these houses have been remained in their original state as building codes have been updated over the years. One of the most common quirks are electrical wiring troubles. The wiring system is outdated, which can cause some serious damage and put you and your family in danger.

The ways in which…


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We are looking for homes/homeowners of repurposed buildings for an upcoming Television Series

I am a Producer/Director for a Production Company in Knoxville, TN called Beyond Media.  We work closely with HGTV, DIY, and Great American Country Networks, and specialize in "Alternative" Homes. We are currently searching for primary resident homes that have been transformed/repurposed from a former use (Fire Station, Bank, Church, Barn, Shipping Container, Cave, etc.) If selected, these properties will be highlighted in an upcoming season of "You Live In What" on HGTV's sister…


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Renovation Ideas for Kids’ Room

Renovating your house was never an easy job. Renovating the kids’ room makes this already challenging task even harder. You see, kids don’t need a traditional room. Kids need a sanctuary, a playhouse, a place which stimulates their imagination, a place where they can feel safe, and a place…


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I will be photos of inside and outside of my old house! some things I will photograph I don't even know what they were for. the first 2 are not my pics

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How to turn your vintage home dusty attic into a storage space

Do you have a dusty old attic space in your vintage home? If so, chances are that it has been gathering clutter for years – perhaps even generations. Without proper storage and organisation, this space is largely wasted. Get the most out of your home by turning that attic into a storage space with these tips.


Cut the clutter

The first thing that you need to do in order to sort out your attic is to get rid of all…


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Vintage Bedroom Style with a Modern Update

If you are one of many people who are surrounded with stress on the daily basis, bedroom is the place where you go for relaxation. It is that one moment at the end of the day where you can close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. Since your bedroom has such a huge impact on your life, why not give it a remodeling? Getting that vintage bedroom you’ve always wanted can be quite easy and inexpensive. Here are a few tips that will help you create your own vintage bedroom with style and…


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10 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? If you are, you have found the right article to help you make all the right decisions, since this task is quite demanding and many factors have to be carefully considered. So, here is a list of practical tips, which you should think about and try to follow before you embark on your renovation adventure.…


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Things to Consider when Starting up a Landscaping Venture

Although it comes with its fair share of risks, having your own business has many benefits. You’re your own boss, which means that you can do it your way and at your own pace. Starting a landscaping service requires a reasonable amount of investment that you can easily fund on your own, especially if you already possess the necessary skills. However, there are several business aspects that you need to consider prior to venturing into something new.…


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How to Maintain Your Home's Vintage Feel

Some people aren’t into that which is trendy, new and chic; there are those who prefer the vintage feel to their houses. If you consider yourself a part of this group of people, you should make sure that you never underestimate the vintage – it might seem easy to achieve, but a proper amount of dedication and planning is very much required. Here are a couple of tips on maintaining that vintage feel in your brand new ancient home.…


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Most Common Plumbing Issues with Vintage Houses

Owning and restoring a vintage home is always fun. No matter if you are living in a home that has been passed down from one generation to the next or you have just bought a vintage home, this is a project you are never going to regret taking on. Still, just like with any other home, there are many things that can go wrong and give you hard time. Plumbing issues sure are one of them. For this reason, we have come up with most common issues with vintage homes. Make sure you check them all out…


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Kitchen & Bath Renovations with a Budget in Mind

Before you start demolishing the room, have a master plan—and decide where you will save or splurge.

By Patricia Poore

A few good decisions, made early, just might buy you that art…


Added by Emily O'Brien on December 15, 2016 at 2:31pm — No Comments

Stuff Nature Screwed Up

“Not long after we moved into our 1791 stone farmhouse, we realized we were not alone. A steady hum was coming from deep within our velvet-green living-room walls. Turned out, bees were living in there—thousands of them! We’ve managed to coexist for years. But now they’ve…


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Remodeling Your Vintage Bathroom - What Not to Do

Being a proud owner of a well maintained old house, is both costly and rewarding. In order to keep the original aspects, you need to put aside funds for each and every room as well as the outside appearance. One of the most difficult rooms to remodel is the bathroom, at times it’s hard…


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Tips for buying a house in the countryside

If you’re tired of the rat race, then getting out to the countryside could be the ideal antidote. Classic old homes which are in need of a bit of love are in great abundance, and their beautiful settings only increase their charm. If you fancy an escape to the country, even just for a little while as you renovate a property, try these tips to get the best buy at the best price.


See the…


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Hot Water, Cool Savings

Almost every type of water heater now offers improved efficiency—even that dinosaur, the storage-tank heater.

By Mary Ellen Polson

Panels for solar water heaters usually have a smaller footprint than those for overall heating.

Panels for solar water heaters usually have a smaller footprint than those for overall heating.…


Added by Emily O'Brien on November 2, 2016 at 12:07pm — No Comments

Quick Energy Fixes

Thick walls, deep eaves, and high ceilings are all reasons why old houses feel cooler in hot weather and warmer in winter than more recent buildings do. Even so, many old houses lack insulation and central HVAC systems, making it hard to retrofit them with the latest in technological advances.

By Mary Ellen Polson…


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Romancing a Twenties Home

In California, a 1928 red-tile and stucco house with a Hispano–Deco interior gets a period-perfect kitchen with inspired details. 

By Brian D. Coleman | Photos by William Wright…

The 1928 Spanish Revival home was remarkably intact, with its original red tiled roof, balconies, tower, and arched casement windows.

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Quick and effective furniture cleaning method

No matter how often do you clean your home, the furniture should be sanitised on regular basis. To maintain your furniture clean is not a thing which should be neglected. By doing this you will not only have the comfort of cosy furniture and it…


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6 Things to do before your hire a professional carpet cleaner

With the changing of the seasons many people undertake a big cleaning in their homes. This include windows, dusting, vacuum cleaning, washing of the curtains and, of course, washing of the carpets. The last one may seem to many of you like an impossible task to perform by ourselves. If this is…


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Homemade cleaning detergents from pantry items

To clean your home doesn't always mean to full one bag of detergents, full of chemical, from the shop. The secret is hiding in your pantry. Open it and see how many things you keep there, which you can use it to make your own detergent, entirely based on non-toxic ingredients. It is not only healthier, but…


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