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Easy building with shipping containers

Green building and its pros

The good thing about green building is that you will use either recycled materials or materials which are being refurbished to have a new purpose. One of the most prominent candidates for green architecture are the shipping containers which were used to ship all kinds of products around the world. They are a great way to build, or expand existing buildings, as they were designed to withstand the elements, they are easy to handle, and they have great…


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What's in Your Garden Shed?

There are garden sheds that are perfectly functional and carefully arranged, regardless of their size, and there are garden sheds that look like storage units for people on the run, where everything is put on top of something else and simply impossible to use. If you fall into second category, or if you do not wish to end up in it, here is an outline of what every frequently used garden shed should have in order to be fully functional and well organized.…


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How to Protect Your Home from Pests

Taking care of your own territory is one of the essential properties of human identity. Whether it is about protecting your country from foreign invaders or protecting your home from pests it is always about keeping what’s yours safe and sound. In the both situations, it is about more than just estheticism and formalities, since the key idea is protecting the living space for you and your family, securing the place where your children grow and play. Here are some tips of how to…


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The Key Applications of Steel Roof Truss in Structural Steel Designing Services-An Overview

The word “truss” is a very common term in the construction sector. Truss is basically a triangular structure wooden or steel and is the base of any kind of construction. It is the most popular building material trusted all around the world for the flexibility and durability it provides.

There are two main types of trusses namely wooden and steel. The steel roof truss has a wide range of applications and to some these…


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