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http://facebook/2001Restoration    I am a "Baby Boomer" I grew up in a time in America that offered unlimited choices; I could travel, get an education, dream to be  any thing that I dreamed. The world was my oyster and I was the pearl.

     Not until I…


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$$$ Investment ?

  Your home is an investment, I'm not talking about: downpayment, closings costs, or monthly mortgage responsibility. What my idea of home investment means is a structure that maks a time line in the history of the community, as it relates to the history of the region, as that relates to the history of the country, as that relates to the designer/builder who created the strucutre. Your home embodies so much…


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House built 1725 - restored 2001

    Along the Allaway Creek in southern New Jersey stands a home that is 289 years old. Made from veritified brick manufactured from the surrounding land and local resources. Historic Restorations had the pleasure of taking the house back to its original form as a statement to the souls who braved the new world and built their home in America.…


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The Mystique of pre 20th Century Houses

   Your older home can charm you with its graceful lines and quaint ghost shadows of furnishings past. Then it can drive you mad with its leaks and creaks, that disapear when you try to trace their origin. Yes, you have a love-hate relationship. Know that your home is really just looking for someone who will give it unconditional love, so that you can live together for a long, long time. That is what all…


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Home is where your heart is...

    If you like this site, you very likely own an older home. With the appropiate resources; money, time and talent, the house can be all it was created to be. Storm Cunningham will release a new book next year "The Fixer". Storm is the author of "Restoration Economy" in it he explains how the climate change issue, over development of urban area's, water crisis and the problems of the 3rd world all need to be…


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Slate countertops

The slate countertops are almost in now.  Our contractors drove to the quarry (Penn Big Bed Slate Co) to get the pieces that they had ordered for our three counters that we are doing in slate.  It looks a medium dark gray from the quarry.  After they cut it to exact size and installed it, they rubbed it with mineral oil to seal it, and that darkened it to a near black color.  The picture with the sink in it is still in process and without the mineral oil, while the other ones have…


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Kitchen exhaust system

We have never had an exhaust fan in our kitchen and were getting tired of the smoke alarm going off every time we broail or fry things.  But we have an exposed chimney behind our range that we did not want to add a hood to.  So, we decided to put a flush mount system in.  Our contractors opened up the brick into one of the flues,and installed a metal exhaust pipe in that. On ebay we bought a round cast iron register in the same pattern as our kitchen forced air register, and then they…


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Tell me no secrets and I will tell you no lies..

Sometimes "low price" is really just cheap.

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Unconditional Love

     When you fall in love with a vintage home, because you are attracted to the architectural details that the builder put into it at the beginning. The cost of preservation (maintance) can seem overwhelming. Take a deep breath and  begin to think in doable solutions - small steps. Do something once, with a long-term plan to build on as you go forward. You and your home will enjoy a lasting…


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