5 Proven Methods That Will Increase Resale Value of Your Home

That time has finally come – you have found a perfect new home for your family, and now you need to sell your house. With all the memories tying you to the old place, you might have a feeling that the place is simply priceless. However, if you really want to sell it you need to set a realistic price.

Let’s be perfectly honest, those “door rulers” that show how your children grew throughout their childhood days are valuable only to your family. Selling your house in its present state might not get you the money you wanted, no matter how well it was maintained. That’s why you have to focus on details and make sure you prepare your home for a lucrative sale. We did a bit of digging around and we’ve come up with these tips and ideas that can help you increase the overall value of your old home, once you decide to sell it. So, let’s not waste time and let’s get straight to it.

Declutter and stage your home

First things first, if you want your home to stand a chance in the competitive real estate market, you have to make it as presentable as possible. This doesn’t mean that you have to invest a fortune in major changes and remodeling (even though quite a lot of reality TV shows indicate that it means exactly that), it just means that you need to stage your home in the best possible way.

If you’re staging your home for a sale, make sure you clear out as much space as possible. You can use some of your possessions as props, by placing them in such a way that they emphasize the best parts of your home. Most buyers are looking for space that they can adapt to their own needs. By removing all of the unnecessary items from your home, you’re opening up space, and potential buyers can understand it better. Another important thing to keep in mind is to maintain your home. Yes, it sounds a bit obsolete, but you would be surprised at the number of people who spend most of their pre-sale budget on last-minute repairs

Fix that curb

Quite a lot of people think that buyers are only interested in what’s within the walls of the house. Even though the interior is extremely important, you can’t forget your front yard and your curb. After all, it’s what makes the first impression of your home. Instead of making that first impression with a “mug shot”, you can easily make it with a beautiful portrait. And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Trim the grass, add some flowers and potted plants, and fix that curb. This seems like the perfect place to insert a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” joke, or maybe it isn’t. Your enthusiasm is all it takes to seriously elevate the value of your home.

Upgrade the lighting

Another great way to emphasize the spaces in your home is to make sure there is enough light. We all know that the natural light is always the best, but sometimes it simply isn’t possible to add more windows. That’s where your imagination comes to play – there is a virtually endless sea of DIY articles online which can help you learn how to make your own home lighting. You can do very interesting things once you set your mind to it. Try to follow a specific style and to stay true to it, as combining styles might make your home feel a bit cramped up. Whether you decide to go with track lighting and more traditional setting, or you decide to do something completely new, keep in mind what your final goal is. The most important thing is to make sure your potential buyers see your home in the best possible light. Pun intended.

Make a serious investment in time

This advice might come as a bit redundant, but quite a lot of people don’t plan that much ahead when it comes to selling their homes. If you follow the market, you can understand how the prices of similar houses are changing. This will allow you to realize when there is an opportunity to invest money in your house in such a way that you can get the return on your investment. Ask for professional mortgage advice from field experts and make a plan for remodeling and redecorating. Organize a budget, but make sure you have followed all the legal steps. In a couple of years, you might be able to sell your home for a significantly higher price than originally expected.

Spruce up the place with accessories

We mentioned that you should always try to free up as much space as possible when you’re preparing your home for selling. However, you don’t want to take absolutely everything out. There are some very smart ways you can improve the appeal of your home with almost no cost at all. You can emphasize the overhead space with the smart use of ceiling fans and it can really add up to the overall feel of your home. Using modular furniture in combination with minimalistic art can give away the feeling of cozy, stylish home, with a lot of space for any potential changes. Those are the things almost every buyer wants to see because it can lead their imagination in a specific direction and make them understand the space surrounding them better. Plus, all of those accessories are simply great to have around.

      Selling your home is never a stress-free experience. It is hard to leave all of those memories behind, but try to look at it from a different perspective. There are so much more beautiful memories for you and your family to make. Why not use your old home as a resource which will help you get to that place. Don’t take it personally, and keep the positive attitude, and you will soon realize how much better it can get once you settle into your new home. But until you do, make sure you do what is in your power to increase your home’s selling value. It will mean a lot.

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