6 Ways for Small Businesses to Benefit from Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade, as digital or “online” marketing has become extremely popular and effective. Traditional marketing techniques are still in use today, but have become overshadowed by new and innovative marketing methods. One of the biggest observable changes is a leveling of the playing field. Small and medium scale businesses can compete at the same level as industry giants or big corporations.

All facets of digital marketing are covered by digital marketing agencies, who offer such services to companies to perform detailed marketing activities on their behalf. The advantages of hiring a digital marketing consultant are many, even more so to small scale businesses than their bigger counterparts.

Here are 6 things a small scale business can expect if they hire a competent digital marketing consultant.

  • It puts small businesses on the map:  Digital marketing primarily focuses on two aspects; social media and Search Engine Optimization. These two tools are critical when it comes to competing with large companies. A competent digital marketing consultant will help build strategies and formulate a marketing campaign that best suits the nature of the business. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. are best suited for a SEO campaign. A well-rounded, successful digital marketing campaign can increase the search rank of the company, so that it becomes more visible to people who are searching for a particular product.  This, in turn, can take a website from virtual obscurity to international awareness.

  • Customer Engagement: One of the biggest challenges faced by a small company is to keep their customers interested. This becomes increasingly difficult, as more and more companies enter the market which is at the brink of saturation. Digital marketing consultants know the right way to circumnavigate these hurdles. They use strong, meaningful content related to industry news and use “influencers” to help increase brand following and engagement. This results in the circulation of the brand name among social media forums and posts. As the company’s content receives more likes and shares, people start engaging with the brand, expanding brand awareness, which is the key component to drive sales.

  • Gives the managerial team a fresh perspective:  Normally, the marketing aspects of the companies were handled by their in-house marketing team, closely related to the management. Even though you may think that the strategies are working, more often than not, it does not have the desired effect. A lot of people leave websites because of intrusive or irrelevant advertising which is a result of the marketing team’s incompetency. Thus, it is always best to hire a digital marketing consultant. They can evaluate the strategies from a third person perspective. As they are specialists in this field, they can come up with modifications or solutions to increase the returns on investment.

  • A Cost-Effective Solution: Hiring all the components of a digital marketing campaign individually, like an SEO expert, social media manager, copywriter, public relations manager, web designer, and advertising executive can be extremely costly, time consuming and financially not a viable option. The overheads related to their recruitment, salary and training can be substantially large. Delegating the bundle of digital marketing activities to a digital marketing agency can alleviate the managerial team’s burden. Besides, it can save a lot of money when compared to in-house solutions. All the cost of training, recruitment and other amenities are handled by the marketing consultant, and the extra financial resources can be used in other areas.

  • Keeping up with competition:  Digital marketing is a strenuous job that requires specialized skill and knowledge. Many companies delegate such responsibilities to their in-house marketing team that might get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work. This may significantly affect the profit margin and can cause competitors to overtake them. A specialized marketing team like a third party digital marketing agency can take care of all the responsibilities efficiently and accurately.

  • Website Overhaul:  The overall look and feel of a website plays a major role in the success of a digital marketing campaign. Part of that is accomplished with regular updates to the website. A website should be clear, responsive, navigable, informative and appealing to the visitors. Versions of Flash animation or animated GIF files should be updated. Keeping a website stagnant for a long period of time, not only hurts the reputation of the company, but does nothing for promoting the brand in the market. A digital marketing consultant knows about the current trends and acts accordingly, updating the website to stay fresh and relevant.

The internet has presented businesses with endless opportunities to propagate their brand, and digital marketing can do wonders for them.

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