6 ways to get a messy children's playroom clean and organized

If we do not take matters into our own hands, the room where our children play can become a scene from the quite well-known movie Cheaper by the Dozen. To gain control over this situation, a little help is not superfluous. Below I would like to share a few tips on how to clean and organise your children’s playroom in a quick and efficient manner.

1. Toys… toys everywhere

A couple of months ago, my family and I changed homes. The first thing I did when we moved in was to set up my kids’ (two naughty boys) playroom. My husband and I were looking for an easy way to store the tons of toys and we came up with the idea to install a bookcase with shelves. Then we filled each of those shelves with plastic bins where we put all of the toys.

There is one rule which the kids have to follow: at the end of each day, after they are done playing, they have to pick up all of the toys from the floor and put them in the bins. Usually, I put some energetic and lively music on because I do believe that music can help us be more productive. Now, my kids know that they HAVE to throw everything in the bins without coming up with some lame excuses. I would love it if they try harder, but I also know that they are just kids and it takes time to get more organised. I always congratulate them because kids love to be appreciated for the good things they do.

2. Play the Sorting Game

There are many games which involve the idea of sorting items together. Why don’t you try to apply it, too? Try to organise all of the toys into a few categories like: dolls (plus their accessories), puzzles, books, arts and crafts supplies, etc.

3. Special place

If you have two or more children, then mixing their toys is not the brightest idea. If you do not want your children to fight all the time, provide each kid with an individual bin, his or her special place. This way kids will feel more independent and proud owners of an individual place for their toys. What is even more important, they will always know where their stuff is.

4. Teach your kids to let go of toys

If your kids are too little, then it is easier to get away with taking all of those toys he or she is not playing any longer. But… if your kids are older, the situation is a little bit different. If you toss a toy, the children would notice it. So clean out the toy bins with your kids, together. You can give some of the toys to the younger kid, others can go to charity. If something is broken, do not even hesitate to throw it away… forever.

5. Stay on top of the clutter on a daily basis

Trust me, the key to keeping the playroom clean and organised is to be on top of the mess on a daily basis. Try to make the cleaning up of the playroom a game (which a good idea for any other room in your home are saying from cleaning acton). Here is my piece of advice: at the end of each day, set a timer for, lets say, 3 minutes. The idea of the game is to put as many toys as possible back to where they belong. If you have two or more kids, they would love to compete with each other.

6. A clutter-free room- easier to clean

There is no second opinion that the less things there are in a room, the easier it is to clean it. When your kids are old enough, they will learn to use the vacuum cleaner on their own so first start with something a lot easier like dusting. You can hide some little awards on the shelves or in the drawers so that when your kids wipe down, they will come across candies, chocolate, pennies or whatever else you hide there.

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