6 Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Vintage House

Owning a vintage house is more than just being that new owner of “that adorable vintage place the Smiths used to live in”; it’s actually about adjusting your new home to your standards and turning it into a gorgeous, inviting and healthy space you and your family will love living in. For everyone who’s redoing their house and lives in Sydney (or any other part of Australia), they know how challenging it is to do any other design but the “beachy” or open space one. A vintage house is a commitment but, with a few tricks, everything can be managed easily. So, read below to get your instant inspo:

Lead the way with your front entrance

The inviting power of the right front door and few elements that go with it should never go underestimated. A vintage front door will instantly bring the whole entrance to a different level while cute, little signs by the door like “we live here”, “hi, welcome”, “please, be our guest” and similar will give the house a special, unique vibe. Also, mind the mats, as you want them to be clean and properly adjusted. A tall, leafy green plant sitting by your front door will do wonders for the entire house, too.

Rely on color for a real vintage spark

Colors are our best friends when it comes to home decor, especially when we’re talking about vintage homes. Everything that’s vintage loves neutrals and a hint of old romance which, ultimately, you can channel with lace, silk and other rich fabrics evocative of the good ol’ times. Primarily, opt for base neutrals you’ll later upgrade with intriguing vintage details like floral and animal patterns, typical vintage emblems and embellishments, soft textiles, etc. Vintage designs love a splash of (muted) colors here and there, so you can always upgrade your neutrals with a hint of mustard yellow, deep turquoise, emerald green, brick red, etc. Experiment and see where it takes you.

Create a vintage focal point

To give your house a special flair, design an accent wall that will stand out in your visitors’ eyes as soon as they enter the salon. You can choose the color, different vintage elements like interesting photo frames, paintings, framed lace, hanging jewelry, unusually shaped mirrors, etc. and make them the focal point of your space. You can hang old black and white photographs as well and turn the wall into a memorabilia of happy times. Make that wall the furthest spot of the salon to make sure it doesn’t get in anyone’s face while still being noticed. This detail will look rich, luxurious and very intriguing.

Lush textiles and soft lines

One of the oldest tricks in any decorating book but still incredibly effective is giving your home plenty of plush materials layered around the furniture. Go for floor pillows, deep furniture and soft ottomans. Also, softening straight and harsh lines by bringing round pieces of furniture into your space is key; round mirrors, round rugs, tables, pillows, etc. will erase the “modern” (at least a bit) out of your vintage.

Go way overboard with long, leafy, trailing, green fluffy crazy plants

If greenery isn’t synonymous with vintage, we don’t know what is! Plenty of layered plants will not only bring life into a space, but give your home that charming, caring feel. Anyone will agree that a house with a beautiful indoor or outdoor garden is a nurturing, welcoming house. Don’t trust us? Take a look around your neighborhood next time you are walking your dog and we’ll bet you that any timber doors in Sydney you spot will have lush, ornamental greenery around them for that inviting, warm, homey feel. Just replicate the idea!

Treat your home a recognizable scent

No, we weren’t talking about bad smells but a pleasant, relaxing one that will make everyone want to stay for an extra cup of coffee. Smells evocative of the vintage times are usually those in-house scents like the smell of freshly baked cookies, homemade chocolate, vanilla, coconut, strawberries, etc. You don’t have to spend the whole day in the kitchen to have your house smell a certain way, obviously; rather, rely on organic smells (fragrance sticks or air fresheners) you can strategically place around your house.

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