Given the rising costs of energy, many homeowners in Colorado are looking to cut their heating and cooling costs. While many people install additional insulation and energy efficient heating and cooling systems to help bring their energy costs down, by far the most effective way to reduce these costs is to replace your home’s windows with energy efficient windows.


The average home loses as much as 30% of its heating and cooling through windows. Even homes with windows that claim to be energy efficient can lose a significant amount of heating and cooling if the windows aren’t of high enough quality or aren’t specifically engineered for Colorado's climate. Amerimax produces windows that are built right here in Colorado at their fabrication facility in Loveland, Colorado.


These aren’t your standard energy efficient windows. Individually engineered to exceed industry standards for energy efficiency, quality and value, Amerimax windows are designed and built to handle the punishment of Colorado’s climate including altitude, bombardment of UV rays and changing temperature extremes.



Denver is known as the “Mile High City” because it is situated 5,280ft, or 1 mile, above sea level.  As many of those who live at higher elevations know, the altitude can greatly affect even the most average of things such as ketchup packets. Ketchup packets produced at plants at lower elevations can swell up when brought to higher elevations because the air pressure inside the ketchup packet is more than the air pressure at altitude. The same holds true for windows. When an insulating glass window is traveling through, or being installed higher than a 3,500 ft. differential in elevation from where it was sealed, special care must be taken in order to maintain the window’s integrity. A tiny breather or capillary tube is inserted between the panes of glass to help equalize the air pressure, preventing damage to the window due to barometric pressure differences.


The most energy efficient widows on the market are typically filled with argon gas, which serves as a better thermal barrier then regular air. Windows that require breather tubes cannot be filled with argon gas because the argon gas would escape through the breather tube as the window’s pressure equalized. Those not buying windows built at an elevation close to that of their homes are simply not getting the most energy efficient windows available. Amerimax windows are built and sealed at 5,300ft in Loveland, Colorado. Because more than 90% of the windows Amerimax builds are installed in homes at nearly the same elevation as the factory, breather tubes are almost never needed. As a result, Amerimax windows perform better and last longer in most Colorado homes than those build at lower elevations.


Bombardment of Ultraviolet Rays

Due to the elevation, ultraviolet (UV) rays in Colorado can be upwards of 25% more intense than those at sea level. These UV rays can generate an amazing amount of heat and can damage a home’s windows and window frames. When a window’s frame reaches 130 degrees or more, the surface of the window frame begins to bake, leading to damage and discoloration.


Amerimax windows use titanium dioxide in their vinyl frames to prevent premature aging, fading and discoloration. Most window manufacturers do not use titanium dioxide in their vinyl frames because this process is a little more expensive and many window manufacturers believe it to be unnecessary, since 95% of the windows they produce don’t need the kind of UV protection windows in Colorado.  As a result, most window manufacturers do not provide a warranty against discoloration. Because Amerimax does use titanium dioxide in their vinyl frames, they are one of the very few window manufacturers that can specifically guarantee their windows will never discolor.


The majorities of window manufacturers do not use titanium dioxide in their frames because most manufacturers deem it unnecessary and see it as a way to cut their costs. In fact since 95% of the windows manufactured by companies outside of Colorado aren’t installed in Colorado, they never have to face the punishment that Colorado windows do. This is why very few window manufacturers provide a warranty against discoloration.


Changing Temperatures

In Colorado it is not uncommon to experience temperature variations of 30 degrees or more in a 24 hour period. These extreme fluctuations in temperatures can result in significant pressure changes within a window, causing the glass within the window to flex and move slightly. Most window manufacturers use a metal spacer in their windows, so when the glass flexes due to these temperature changes, they can cause stress fractures of the glass.


Amerimax windows use memory polymer foam with a Mylar barrier and a butyl perimeter seal they call the “Super Space.” This Super Spacer contains absolutely no metal and allows the glass to flex without causing stress fractures. In addition, Super Spacer is the most consistent seal used in window manufacturing for argon gas retention. It delivers such a superior seal over traditional metal spacers that it even provides improved sound absorption over traditional metal spacers.


Homeowners in Colorado looking for maximum efficiency from their replacement windows should look no further than Amerimax windows. Engineered to withstand the punishment the Colorado altitude and weather that could cause most other windows to fail, window experts regularly rank Amerimax windows as one of the best windows available on the market, especially for homes in Colorado.


Author Bio:


This article was written by Jay Lilien for 303 Windows. They have been serving the Denver Metro Area for more than 17 years now and installed thousands of Amerimax windows.

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