This is a clip from an 1875 "birds eye" map showing my house.  

According to a local historian, the town summoned artists to prepare such a map by lifting them in a hot-air balloon, from which they would prepare drawings of the neighborhood one block at a time.  The original of this particular map, surveyed in 1875, has been preserved by the local historic commission.  

This was our first clue that my house was actually older than indicated on public record (according to which the house was built in 1880).  

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Comment by MARILYN MOSS on June 4, 2011 at 2:43pm

The only changes to our house has been enclosing 3 areas for bathrooms & floor to ceiling library (14 ft.).  The integrity of the house is left in place.  The floors appear to pine.  I have been told that pine was "the thing" to incorporate into a house.  (I think it is more of an anthropological issue - What was the source & availibility of lumber?  The house was built by a owner & Captain of a Mississippi River Packet Boat Co., so it was easier to ship building materials from the North.  A local resource of walnut & oak 7 limestone was plentiful. 


I have a blog:  There's many pidctures of the inside of the house.  I would love to exchange information.  My ancestors came to America on the Mayflower & landed at Plymoth, a little south of you.  Marilyn

Comment by Andy Streenz on June 27, 2011 at 10:30am
To me, your house looks like an 1860s with 1880s updates.  The birds-eye-view picture, your mouldings, and your newel post all look 1860s.  The current exterior picture of your house, though, shows modifications from the 1875 BEV shot.  Any evidence of this on the inside of the house too?
Comment by Andy Streenz on June 27, 2011 at 10:35am
Just read your other post about the 1872 dating of your house.  Guess I shoulda looked a little bit more before commenting!  1870s seemed to be about the time they were modifying newel posts and mouldings, so it definitely could be 1872.  Are there Sanborn insurance maps available for your area?  They would show if the house's footprint ever changed over the years via additions, etc.
Comment by A Polzin on June 27, 2011 at 6:56pm

Dear Andy,

I am absolutely amazed how much information you could extract from the rough drawing of the birds eye map!  I am still looking for some pictures or images of my house as originally looked, so I can select the right color scheme.  If you have any sugestions, I'd really appreciate it. 

The house needs exterior repair so badly.  I know the slate roof is original, but I don't know if the color of the half timber is true to the original, or it was changed in the 40's. I am not even convinced that the clap board siding that you see on the upper portion of the house is original.  The windows are original, and I am trying to have them restored, but those services are SOOOO expensive, so I will have to pick a few windows at a time.  Surprisingly, inside the house, all of the painted trims have only two coats of paint (thick white paint over original moss-greenish paint).  That's one painting every 70 years!  I may have to give the 3rd coat of paint one of these years. 


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