Denver furniture: Old is the new New

Furniture is a fluid and ever-changing art form. It defies time, it inspires change, and it turns drab surroundings into eclectic atmospheres in no time at all.

What’s more, it’s diverse: One can explore the circus inspired collections of Iris Apfel, the recycled plastic chairs made from kids toys by ecoBirdy, while still browsing through the IKEA flat pack furniture collection that seems to have gone on forever.

But while these collections seem like they couldn’t be further apart in style if they tried, they’re actually far more alike than you know.

Why? Because what lies in the heart of each of these styles is one simple truth: Old is the new new. And, as an antique furniture-loving, home-transforming company, we’re not sure why no one has ever said it before. So we’ll say it again: Old is the new new.

We’re all aware that we’re living in one of the most waste-conscious times the world will likely ever see. Movements that call for plastic straws to cease production follow the launching of various recycled clothing stores which follows the proliferation of disposable utensils made from hemp, potatoes, or even pasta.

At the same time, in the furniture world, the later 2010s have brought about industrial waste materials being made into bed frames. Coffee tables, even desks; old wood being used to create literally anything your home might need; and even the demise of furniture sales as people choose to keep using that which they already have.

Here at Ablyss Upholstery we come from a long line of furniture enthusiast who have always lived this way—we reinvigorate the old. We turn furniture from past-times into furniture for right now. And what’s more: we do it with style.

Sure, there was a time when antique restorations brought forth images of grandmothers simply getting a new burgundy covering added to their dusty chesterfield lounge, but this idea is just not true anymore.

In recent years, antique furniture prices have plummeted and so, for many, the option of bringing eclectic pieces of furniture with a rich history into the homes has never been more affordable nor easy to find.

And that’s where we come in.

Ablyss Upholstery is driven by beauty and timelessness. Not only will we transform your hand-selected piece of furniture, we will make it truly and uniquely your own. We boast a long line of furniture enthusiasts who have collected invaluable knowledge and skills in the restoration industry, making us the leaders in Denver’s furniture restoration scene.


So while the recycling trend has hit the fashion and food industries by storm we can’t help getting giddy at the fact that what’s old is the new new, and that it’s our expertise that will lead the way in creating art and longevity from what would otherwise be lost to time.

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