Don’t Be Shocked: Check Your Home's Electricity

As a homeowner, you always have plenty to do.  Whether you’re pulling weeds out in the yard, touching-up paint in the laundry room, or cleaning out the garage… well, there’s always something else on your list to get to "one of these days."

Every homeowner prioritizes her to-dos differently.  Maybe top-of-the-list is whatever’s bugging you the most.  Maybe it’s whatever your partner’s complaining about the most.  Or maybe it’s whatever Mom and Dad will notice first when they come out for a visit next weekend!


But making sure your home is as safe as possible should always be a priority.  You need all the peace of mind you can get, especially if your summer’s a bit hectic.

And getting your home’s electricity checked by a safety-minded pro electrician is one of the fastest routes to that all-important peace of mind.

It’s No Laughing Matter

The “jolting” truth from the U.S. Fire Administration is that, each year, tens of thousands of homes are lost to electrical fires.

Hundreds of people die.

Hundreds more are injured, many seriously

And the property damage generally runs around a billion bucks.

That’s in one average year in America.

Since you can get a qualified electrician out to check your home – usually at a very reasonable rate – isn’t it worth a high spot on your to-do list to make sure you and yours don’t end up part of that sad story?

A True Story (With A Luckily Happy Ending)

Sometimes hazards are lurking around a home that you’d never think to check.  Very dangerous hazards.

Just a few months ago, one of your Colorado neighbors was preparing a lovely back yard for a wedding.  Yes, that was quite a to-do list.

They got all the caterers and vendors arranged, then plowed into their list.  Weeds pulled: check.  Clutter removed: check.  Things generally spiffed-up and decorated: check.

The afternoon before the wedding, all they really needed to do was fill their pretty decorative pond and get ready to plug in the “bubble rock” waterfall feature to create that nice rushing-water sound Coloradans love.

They couldn’t get the thing to stay on!

Luckily, they called an electrician to “fix the outdoor outlet” – before anybody touched the water in the pond.

And it’s a good thing.

The service person arrived in just a couple of hours, and found that the water in their little pond was dangerously charged.  If they hadn’t had a safety device on that outdoor outlet which interrupted the circuit each time the device was plugged in, someone might’ve been seriously hurt.

Or worse.

That family learned their lesson – now every circuit in their home has Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) to help prevent very-sad things from happening.

The cost was not exorbitant.  But the peace of mind gained was priceless.

Make Sure Your Home’s Electricity Is Thoroughly Checked

The home in the preceding story was less than ten years old.

Older homes typically have some electrical glitches to fix… but newer homes could use a thorough check, too.

Ask your electrician to be sure to check for wiring that was installed incorrectly (or is outdated, even if the home is only a few years old).

Have your service person look for faulty outlets and switches, overloaded circuits, fuse boxes or breaker boxes that aren’t up to the load, and for anything that’s not in compliance with the most up-to-date best practices (not to mention electrical code).

And, of course, make sure all the best safety devices are installed throughout your home.  You want to be able to easily and conveniently use your home’s electric current… but you don’t want it using you!

Summer’s busy for homeowners.  You have plenty to do, and it never seems like there’s enough time to get it all done.  But don’t skip an electrical check.  It may be hot outside, but you want to make sure your home’s electrical system is totally cool.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post article by John Oxford. He is a master electrician and the owner of APower Electric in Denver, CO. They have been providing residential, commercial and even industrial electric service for more than 8 years now.

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