George L. Chesbro Home in Massachusetts

I grew up in this house and it has fallen into disrepair. My father passed away in January 2008 and the family is struggling to figure out a solution that works for all. One brother wants to "tear it down" because the land underneath is worth alot. The costs of renovation is quite high. I have decided to hold firm and not agree to any plan that would endanger the house....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have set up a website , novice that I am, to publicize the plight of this home. The houses in the development next door are indeed beautiful, but this house is like an old dignified lady...and there is beauty in that too.

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Comment by KenK on August 15, 2009 at 7:24am
It's a beautiful old home! The slate shingle details are great. I am also the proud owner of an "old lady" in the Massachusetts area and see the value in getting her back in shape. She's costing me a lot right now, but I figure I can look back on her a few years from now and say we did the right thing.

Best with this house and I hope she remains the proud lady she used to be.
Comment by T.C. Kearns on December 13, 2010 at 7:47pm

A beautiful home.... looks like there were shutters on the house at one time, are there shutters in storage on the property somewhere that you know of? Adding the shutters back on would make it more attractive I think. Good luck.


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