When I was in Boston last month, I walked the Freedom Trail and marveled at the countless architectural gems I stumbled upon around seemingly every corner of that history-steeped city. Today I found out that I can help fund preservation efforts at one of them. Thanks to the Partners in Preservation program, a joint effort by American Express and The National Trust, 25 historic sites are eligible for grants of up to $100,000 to fund preservation efforts. Members of the public get one online vote per day between now and May 17; the place accumulating the most votes is guaranteed funding! The eligible sites—most of them buildings, but a monument and schooner are thrown into the mix—can be found here. A description of each ends with details on specific repairs the grant would cover—things like shoring up a foundation, or strengthening a steeple. You can also read more background on the Partners in Preservation program, which has previously awarded $2.4 million dollars in places like New Orleans and the San Francisco Bay area.

Your vote could make a difference for one of these buildings, so log on and take the words of my father’s old Election Day joke to heart: Vote early and often!

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