Home Makeover with Wood Burning Fireplace

The function of a fireplace is no longer just warming up your home and producing a serene ambience. It is now considered as a piece of art that adorns a corner of the house. A fireplace is nowadays designed to be used as a centrepiece or the main feature in your home where the entire family gets together and spends some memorable leisurely moments. The designs and technology that’s employed in making fireplaces have come a long way. Now there are various types of fireplaces available in the market for people that are suitable to their taste and liking. But the traditional and rustic look of a wood-burning fireplace is still unparalleled. The grand design and performance including the peaceful crackling sound of burning wood are major attractions for homeowners everywhere. Marble or wooden surround, majestic looking demeanour decorated with delicate figurines, family photos, vases give the fireplace a human touch and leave any beholder spellbound. People, who wish to bring back tranquillity, comfort and warmth in their households, choose wood burning fireplace unhesitatingly. A fireplace imitates the warmth of the day and has the ability to create a soothing ambience for those sitting cosily around it.

Fireplaces are available in various simple as well as intricate designs for people to buy in every corner of the world. However, designs do not guarantee high performance. Therefore, it's crucial to test a fireplace in terms of its performance and efficiency pre-instalment.

Wood burning fireplaces are energy efficient as it uses wood to start a fire and saves power in case of no electricity. It is manufactured in such a way that it emits comforting warmth even when there’s a power outage. The eco-friendly heating mechanism makes a wood burning fireplace produce sufficient heat to keep one’s home warm. Moreover, when you use wood in the fireplace to start a fire then you have the certainty of using a fuel which has zero carbon footprints. As per the design, there are four major kinds of wood fireplaces available in the markets which are as follows:

  • Modern styled
  • Traditionally designed
  • Open looking fireplaces

But any individual who is considering buying a wood burning fireplace or owns one need to be aware of the following tips and suggestions for its proper usage and maintenance.

  • Ceiling fans play an important role in distributing the warmth generated from fireplaces. Making sure that it's running at low speed and in a clockwise direction increases the spread of warm air.
  • Choosing the right sort of dry wood is essential. Generating small fires results in less smoke which results in low creosote build-up. It is advised to build fire using small logs of wood without using flammable liquids.
  • Installing fire security and alarms for safety is a must. Without necessary precautions and safety measures, one cannot install a fireplace. Never burning wood in your fireplace without a guard is another step to avoid any misfortunes such as fire hazards.
  • The ashes which remain as a residue have to be cleaned out frequently from the inside of your fireplace. Simply sweeping or using a vacuum cleaner can easily get the job done in a short while.
  • Keeping an eye on creosote build-up is also a necessary to step to keep your fireplace working normally and efficiently. Creosote is a kind of chemical mass which is made of carbon and is formed when wood or any fossil is burned. It can get stuck in your chimney if ignored for long periods.
  • Taking a professional’s advice at the time of choosing a new fireplace always comes in handy. The unmatched experience of a professional guides customers to the right direction. As a result, whether it's selecting the correct fireplace as per one’s preference becomes an easy task.
  • The installation process of fireplaces is crucial. Only an expert and skilled technician can assure the best fitting to guarantee you and your family safe application each time.

Some of the very best wood-burning fireplaces include ‘blowers’. Blowers help in moving the heat generated by your fireplace and considerably increases the efficiency and performance of a fireplace. When searching for the best and most suitable fireplace for homes, one has to pay attention to each of the salient features that a fireplace has to offer. Not all companies make the same product and deliver the same performance & services. A fireplace that is a perfect combination of beautiful art and advanced technology such as a wood burning fireplace will always remain in demand.

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