Telling someone how to make their dream home is virtually impossible. Everyone has a unique vision of what it looks like and a lifestyle they want for themselves and their family. This is why when discussing tips about building a dream home, one can really only focus on the basics and tell people where to look for potential which is exactly what we will do in this article.

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Light it up

One thing we know for sure is that no one dreams about darkness. Pretty much every dream house involves areas filled with sunshine. This is what you should do to your home, as well. You can never have too many windows. If you have a means of securing your privacy, such as back or front yard greenery, you can even have windows for walls. Build a folding glass wall in your living room area opening it up to your patio and the backyard. This will bring your use of natural light to an absolute maximum and this is always a modern and a desired feature. Alternatively, you can install light tubes, skylights, and stair windows, too.

Convert your attic

Attic and basement both take up a lot of space and are usually used for storage, particularly the attic. Maximize the use of space in your home by turning the attic into an ultimate leisure room or a spacious master bedroom. Adding more windows and installing a glass wall, along with the height, could make you feel like you are in the clouds. You can still use it as a storage area, by making built-in cupboards alongside walls to put away your seasonal clothes, extra linen, blankets etc.

The furniture

Apart from the actual building and its layout, the furniture also plays a significant role in your home’s makeover. If you want to change the look of your home without purchasing new furniture, you can simply move it around to open up space and adjust to the remodel. Also, using trendy rugs could add style to your home. You could try out minimalism and focus on smart storage solutions using built-in furniture and furniture with a double purpose. Buy smaller decorative pieces, or refinish the ones you have. Making reading and relaxing nooks may also be a good idea to accompany the newly found light in your home.

Introduce serenity

Add indoor plants to your interior. Make an indoor garden with a fountain to create an oasis. Building a conservatory is another way of welcoming nature into your home. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the perks of being in a garden at any given time of year. The plants will filter the air for you and play a significant aesthetic role.

Paint your colors

If you dream is a peaceful oasis, then your remodeled house needs light neutral colors such as beige or white, accompanied by furniture of similar hues. Adding bright wooden floors and beams could help you complete the picture. However, if you are looking for something more exciting, you can experiment with deeper, more intensive hues. Apply these colors on the accent walls you select and you will have an instant change of mood. Orange may make a perfectly balanced choice for a living room, for example. On the other side, indigo, purple, or dark green color is slightly bolder and will transform your rooms by making them look more luxurious. With the newly added light, you want to hire painting contractors to estimate which hues are the best for the look you are trying to achieve.

Attention to details

Decorating your home with just the right details is as important as adding new windows. Even the items which do not qualify as décors, such as kitchen and bathroom fixtures and hardware, have an impact on the aesthetic value of the house. Light fixtures are also important not only because of the practicality, but they contribute with their look and the way they illuminate certain objects and features. Wall art, as well as, carefully selected memorabilia, are used for personalizing the space.

If you have specific features of your home you would like to fit in your dream vision, you can do some research and look up some ideas. Paying attention to the above-mentioned aspects of your home will help you give it a new glow. Be creative with the rest, try out new elements and see how they feel and whether they are worth keeping.

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