Inexpensive window treatment that works for all periods

If you are anything like me when you bought your historic home your decorating dollar was way down on the list of "must do's" and yet the windows DID need to be covered in some way that was hopefully period appropriate, nice enough to be able to stay up for an unknown amount of time and also affordable. One word, LACE, I have often recommended this to clients when the expense of treating the windows was out of reach for the moment and luckily for the average homeowner there is one company that has a wide variety of products for the wide timeline of American Historic Interiors. Heritage Lace is a great company that is family owned and community committed and best of all it is American Made. One of the last textile manufacturers in this country, Heritage Lace produces a beautiful period product. Check it out, I bet they have something you could not only afford but be more than happy to have in your historic home.

Louise Corderman

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