Roof Renovation: 5 Things You Need to Know

People sometimes forget about roof maintenance, as it is not something we are in contact with every day. We usually think about renovating the kitchen or bathroom, but the roof is quite essential for having a safe and beautiful home. That is why you should not ignore it. Here is a quick guide of things to do when renovating your roof.

Assess Your Roof

The first thing you should do is determine why you want to renovate your roof. Does it look outdated and you want to change the look of your house? Do you have constant problems with leaks? Do you think you need to improve your insulation? Calling an expert to assess your roof is your best course of action. They can examine your roof and point to the most critical areas. That can help you decide whether you should replace just a minor part of your roof or renovate it completely.

Consider Your Budget

Seeing as how a roof renovation can be quite pricey, it is crucial that you figure out your finances. After you talk to a professional, you should see what you can actually afford. If your budget does not allow a full renovation, consider just repairing the leaky part. If you do decide to renovate the entire roof, keep the design in mind. Simpler shapes are cheaper. Moreover, some materials might seem quite expensive at first, but they can last a long time and require minimal maintenance. In addition, decide whether you will also add new insulation. It’s important to bear all of these factors in mind before you make your decision.

Call In the Pros

While you might think that you are capable of doing this on your own, for a full renovation, it’s better to call a licensed contractor. Look for experienced professionals that have a team of workers. They will do the job in no time and provide you with a warranty. This way, you will not have to rent scaffolding, ask your friends for help and risk any injuries. Plus, if you do things on your own, you can easily forget to vent your roof or buy some essential roofing materials, such as roof battens and batten zips. Rely on the experts for the best outcome.

Choose the Design

If you choose to start your roof from scratch, you can also change its whole design. Keep in mind that this is essential for your roof’s practicality and overall look. Make sure that it is not too steep or too low. If you opt for a flat roof, make sure you are well aware of all of its pros and cons. Moreover, you have to take a look at your roof’s structure. Will it be strong enough to support your new choice of materials? Do you need to consider some lighter options? Does your budget allow for some structural framing improvements?

Find the Right Materials

Choosing the right type of material can be a tedious process seeing how there are so many different materials with different advantages and disadvantages. Slate, for example, is quite expensive and heavy but can last for over a hundred years, which means that it is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular, due to their longevity and wind and fire resistance. You can also go down the most popular route and opt for asphalt shingles. There are other options as well and it all depends on your taste and needs.

There you have it, some essential tips to have in mind when it comes to roof renovations. If you notice any problems, such as leaking, sagging or tiles falling off, contact a professional to determine the problem. You do not want to risk the safety of your family.

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