The arrangement of canalization in a country house is an indispensable condition for comfortable living sewage works in private houses should be done by the owner hence making it difficult.

According to Mr.Mario (a plumbing business owner in Australia called Australia Wide Plumbing & Electrical) sewerage is extremely important (after all, the used water for household needs, should be disposed somewhere quickly and safely), then for private houses, the issue of constructing an effective sewage system is even more acute.

Without a sewage system, the only way to get rid of the used water is to use buckets and carry them back and forth. This greatly complicates the living conditions in a country house, deprives of necessary comfort and turns even the most beautiful and well-maintained house into a mess.

When building sewerage at your country house you should know the geological conditions of your land precisely so that during sewage, contamination of drinking water is avoided. For a country house sewage system those are the basic requirements:

  1. Ensuring a high degree of wastewater treatment according to generally accepted sanitary norms.
  2. Easy operating and maintenance
  3. Minimum operating and maintenance costs

When installing an autonomous sewer system, it is necessary to take into account the climate, the type of the soil, and the peculiarities of the location of residential buildings.

Installing of sewerage should be done by the professionals and according to the rules.

Types of sewerage systems

General-purpose (cesspit for the incoming wastewater and rainwater)

A separated one with different gutters for various needs.

Next, make a project that defines the tasks to be performed by the sewers. Focus on two possible plans for the design of the sewage pipeline:

In your house, there is a shower, a sink but the bathroom is located in the yard? I this case, it is not advisable to lay a complex pipeline for the sewage treatment. It would be better to take a drain pipe from the house to outside and use a sewage pit.

Second would be in case of having everything in the house including the bathroom in which you should build a reliable treatment system.

For country houses, cesspools, septic tanks, and filtering wells are very popular.

The cesspool is simple and cheap to make, it does not require electricity supply, does need filtration wells and complicated maintenance. But there are also disadvantages: the constant need for pumping out the drains and the possibility of corrosion of the tank under the cesspool.

Cesspool is a type of autonomous sewage system that can be built quickly and inexpensively by oneself, but subsequent regular expenses for pumping out drain can more be more than its own cost to build.

A septic tank is also an effective option for wastewater treatment, a non-volatile, autonomous sewerage system that is easy to install and maintain, some of the disadvantages are its size and the requirement for a large area due to this size.

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