I am a little late in updating. The major work has occured during the month of November 2011.

The original roof was shake shingles and was replaced sometime with asphalt. We replaced the old shingleswith Owens Corning Duration Premium, which provides that same shake-like look. This was finished between snow storms this week.

The main chimney was rebuilt so that a new gas boiler could be installed. A liner will be put in as well. The chimney was only rebuilt back up to the level of the ridge line and the when the new cap is put on it a chimney stack will be added to get it higher.


Before and after pictures are shown

Here is the after

That funny looking thing on the peak was a flat spot where all the roof lines came together. This was a major leak spot. When the house was built the four corner pieces were painted white. We have a picture of the house and there was nothing ornate up there. So we had the roofer tear it all out and build it properly. We did not reinstall the corner pieces.

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Comment by Dennis M. Crookshanks on January 13, 2012 at 10:48am

A couple things from the after photo.

That is some strange looking chimney flashing. Is that a single piece of aluminum run up the side of the chimney?

Don't know about the rest of the roof, but I don't see underlayment/tarpaper under the shingles.

The soil stack flashing. Is it buried under the shingles?

A thinner profile drip edge, painted white, would have been a better choice. The wide drip edge seems a bit much for that molding.

Comment by Bill Hendrickson on January 13, 2012 at 11:39am

Actually, when this picture was taken the chimney was just rebuilt, so there was no flashing installed yet. There may have been something up there waiting to be installed. That metal looking thing on the ridge is a sort of flat spot on the roof, where the four ridgelines meet. A major leak area in the attic. That was removed and rebuilt, again after the picture.

We shingled over the old roof. Except at the flat spot which was rebuilt and few locations on the southside (this picture is of the westside) the old roof was intact.

You are right about the drip edge. We never gave it a thought. White would have been better.

I will have to add a final picture.


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