In Black Mountain, North Carolina, craftsmanship holds sway, giving a new cabin all the warmth and integrity of an old house.

By Brian D. Coleman

Half-hidden in the trees, the mountain cabin is called Ravenscroft. Owners Chas Fitzgerald and Jackson Hammack chose the name in homage to the raven—the secret keeper of wisdom in Cherokee lore—and for the Scottish “croft,” a small parcel of land.

Chas has been infatuated with the Arts & Crafts movement since his childhood, when he spent summers sleeping in the eaves of his grandparents’ bungalow. Even then, he kept notebooks filled with his designs for houses, and he made miniature towns out of scrap wood (and sold them to friends). It’s no surprise that he finished architecture school and became a historic-restoration specialist, establishing a thriving renovation business in Dallas with his partner, Jack Hammack. Read more.

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