Unconventional and Easy Applications of Wood Slabs

Wood is the oldest natural building material that has been in use since the Stone Age. The flexible component has countless uses including flooring, support and structure, staircases, furniture, instruments, boats, equipment and craving. It is readily available throughout Cape Town in a variety of options ranging from popular species like Ash, Oak and Beech to exotic woods like Rosewood and Ebony. Wood slabs add a unique character to a room and make it feel alive. While they are most commonly used as tables or counters, there are numerous ways in which you can add the charm of exotic woods to a house.

  1. Wine Rack – Storing wine bottles can be a challenging task. Not only do they need to be kept handy, but also safe and secure. A wood slab can be a great way to store the wine bottles. Using some support or iron bars to hold the bottles, you can simply line the bottles on a wooden slab and then hang it on a wall. This has the added advantage of a stylish wine display.
  2. Hanging bedside table – Wood is undoubtedly the most popular choice for furniture. However, for smaller rooms where you cannot add a table or a chest of drawers, you can use a hanging table. All you need to do is cut out your required dimensions of the table. You do not need to be very careful, a table with rugged edges and an irregular shape would do just fine. Drill a few holes into the slab and tie it to the ceiling using thick ropes. Your hanging table is ready!
  3. Cutting Boards - Cutting boards are a tiny but great way to use wood slabs. A smooth slab of wood will guarantee a strong and durable cutting board which is easy to maintain and looks great. You can choose a thick or thin wood slab as per your requirementsfor the cutting board. If you hang your cutting board on the kitchen wall, the wooden ones are sure to be a visual treat.
  4. Light Fixture - Rustic DIY home décor projects have become a favourite recently. Out of these, wood and rope light fixtures are one of the most popular. A light fixture made of wood with bulbs hanging from thick ropes adds a rustic edge to your den (room).
  5. Swing - Everyone loves a swing! A swing made with an exotic wood slab isone of a kind and adds a unique twist. They are not only strong but also aesthetically appealing. If you are planning to have it in your backyard or on your lawn, the wood swing will look good amidst the grass and trees.

Using exotic wood adds an appeal and charm to your house and allows you to build furniture and equipment that stand the test of time. Wood furniture especially, is comfortable and has great ergonomics. They are far superior in quality and thus, you do not have to worry about damages for years to come.

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