Vintage House Exterior Renovation Tricks and Tips

In order for our old house to keep its charms  and that wonderful rustic appeal that we all love, it is important to maintain the exterior the right way. At times you can just do a couple a small repairs, and be satisfied. However for those occasions when a much larger scale of renovation is needed here are a couple of useful tips and tricks.

Finding the right paint for the exterior

When you decide to repaint your vintage home it is of outmost importance to keep the right exterior style, otherwise it will lose its charm. In order to that there are several things to consider. First of all you have to realise that we are asking a lot from house paint. Not only is it expected to give our home a new look but also has other duties. Our house paint needs to be able to withstand freezing winters followed by blistering summers, soaking rains, and a daily bombardment of UV radiation without cracking, fading, or peeling. It is quite the task. So before you decide to go old school on you paint choices it would be advisable to opt for a more modern day formula with the right colour scheme for your home. So start with getting a paint with 100 percent acrylic latex written on the label. This type of paint remains flexible, breathable, and colorfast far longer than paints containing vinyl resins or acrylic blends. Finally when it comes to choosing the colour, the best option would be to try to stay within your vintage pallet with the yellows and blues in order to foster that charm.

Opting for the perfect driveway style

Driveway renovations are hard when it comes to vintage houses, as it is at times difficult to find the ideal color or style option for your home. By opting for decorative concrete you can have a wide range of options at your disposal. This allows you to choose both the design and colour that match your vintage home’s exterior as well as mimic the style that you want to emulate. What could be more perfect for a vintage home renovation. And just to complete the look pay some extra attention to landscaping. Don’t go for the exotic plants and bushes, instead for a truly vintage look opt for native plant species that would have been used in your area a hundred years ago.

Repairing the doors and windows the right way

The first thing you need to do is learn how vintage doors and windows work. This knowledge can help you repair them and restore their original beauty that will last you well over a decade. So let's begin, if you have double-hung windows which represent the most common vintage window type you will see that both the top and bottom sash operate via a set of cords or chains attached to counterweights in the wall. With this window design it is not uncommon for the upper sash to be painted shut. You can repair the sashes by using the epoxy process. As for the rails, the best option is to get new ones milled so that they match your vintage window. Finally, you can improve their energy efficiency by adding weather stripping and storm windows. As for the doors, after removing them from the hinges, if you deduce that the wood is in good shape, strip the paint, sand them down and apply a fresh coat. Make sure that all the woodwork remains intact and that the paint of your choosing fits your vintage exterior style.


These are just some renovation options for your vintage home. Whatever you do, make sure you keep that old house feel and charm. After all, that is what attracted you to get it in the first place!


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