What are the steps to change the basement of my old house?

The basements of old houses are often found to be damaged and in this scenario the home owners look for different ways to remodel the basement of their house. Try to focus on the structural problems of the basement in your home. If you fix up the home’s foundation, then it can be beneficial for the house in the long run. You can hire an architect in order to fix the problems of your basement in your home, as it may require detail planning. Therefore, a strong foundation of the house can protect the house from further damage.

Here are a few essential points that cam help to change the basement of your house:

1. Check the exterior and interior of the basement: You need to check problems related to wiring, plumbing, sub-flooring and water damage. Make sure you check the wooden panels in order to ensure they are safe from termites. Try to solve the minor issues in the early stages of a renovation. Make sure you get a building permit before you start the actual construction work.

2. Solve the flooring problem: When you fix up the basement of your house make sure you check the flooring of the first floor in your home, especially above the basement. Immediately work on the weak areas of the floor above the basement area. You need to figure out whether the basement and first-floor house framing along with the roof and second-floor framing are structurally strong.

3. Change the electric wiring and water pipes: When you’re remodeling your basement you need to focus on changing the old wires. Make sure you check the water pipes in order to ensure whether the pipes are made out of copper or contain lead. You need to verify whether the drainage system in the basement is properly fixed in order to prevent leakage.

4. Plan the rooms with the help of an architect: You can hire a professional architect in order to frame the rooms. You can also construct the rooms on your own in the basement, if required. Try to use 2-by-4-inch boards to build framework of a bonus room or laundry room. If you’re planning for a laundry room, then in build the new water lines as well as the drains. Try to complete the electrical work while walls are open. Use moisture-resistant drywall for rooms in the basement area.

5. Complete the flooring as well as restructuring details: Make sure you use tiles for the floor in the basement. When you’re planning for a laundry room try to install light equipments immediately along with the washer and the dryer.

Therefore, you need to the keep the above mentioned points in mind while renovating the basement of your house.

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